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Agile Leader Zertifizierung

PROVEN AGILE certifies your understanding of agility and agile methodologies:

PROVEN AGILE currently provides certification for successful graduates of the corresponding Agile Scout trainings.

PROVEN AGILE's licensed training providers will extensively prepare each graduate for the certification exam, ensuring that passing subsequent exams is highly realistic without additional preparation.

Agile Scout certified by PROVEN AGILE

We verify your qualifications in the area of agile methodologies. The offered certification assures your knowledge of the VUKA world, insights into agile product development and agile working. You will also get first insights into the work of Scrum teams and experience the work of a Scrum Master, Product Owner and the development team.
The content required to pass the exam is taught in modern formats by our licensed training partners. Detailed information about the Agile Scout training and the exam process is available through licensed training providers.

For our B2B customers, we also offer this certificate in an adapted format, corresponding to the Agile Awareness Training.

PROVEN AGILE will be happy to help you select the most suitable training provider for your Agile Scout training from the pool of licensed cooperation partners.

Please use the option below to place a non-binding enquiry. One of our training providers will contact you shortly.